Tuesday, August 24, 2010

report problems

Are you experiencing any problems with the AvSAP? please log them here to help us improve the performance of our tool!


  1. Hello,

    I installed Archon with the AvSAP on a server at our university yesterday. I am encountering some problems. To begin with, I received the following message after installation:

    Installation Complete!
    Archon is now installed, and configured!

    If you ARE using the Archon Installer utility:
    1) Copy the following word to the clipboard (or write it down): ALLDONE
    2) Return to the installer utility and enter the word above into the prompt.
    3) Click Finish.

    If you ARE NOT using the Archon Installer utility:
    In order to begin using Archon, you MUST delete or rename the install.php file from the /packages/core/install/ directory. Archon will NOT work until this file no longer exists.

    Once you have done this, click Finish to access the Administrative Interface.

    *1* I performed the installation over the internet. When I return to the installer Utility, there is no prompt. Neither do I find an instal.php file on my Mac computer.

    How can I verify whether I used the installer utility or not? How can I find the prompt for the activation password (Step 1 above)

    *** The Archon system on my server acknowledges installation and warns that another installation will overwrite the database. However, when I attempt to log on to Archon, it says that it cannot load my repository because the repository ID is not defined. When I was in the system immediately after installation, I had difficulty with the repository manager.

    *2* It would not accept a Canadian Postal code, although the country field was set to Canada. The error message stated that the zip code needed to be numeric, wheras Canadian postal codes are alphanumeric in the form H2J 3J9.

    *3* It also rejected the names of the repository "Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Visual Media Resources," and all versions thereof i.e. without the commas, using fewer words, using only one word, and using the abbreviation VMR.

    I am testing AvSAP and need to report on my findings to the committee by next week. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me as soon as possible.

    Brian Virostek
    Media Preservation Specialist
    Visual Media Resources
    Concordia University
    Montreal, Canada

  2. I have resolved most of the issues, but it maintains that the Repository ID is not defined. How can I fix this problem?

    Brian Virostek